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Hotel Sant Roc

I came to celebrate the Nadal a l'Hotel Sant Roc i gaudeix d'uns dies inoblidables!

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“El Buffi”restaurant

The gastronomic space of the San Roc Hotel where the modernism and the avant-garde, live-together to surprising deserve a special attention.

Our restaurant el Buffi has a luxurious and comfortable decoration with a exclusive service, really appreciated for our clients. With a capacity of 80 people, we also have a privat hall “ Sala Cargol” for groups up to ten.

Buffi’s cusine, it’s creative and innovative, able to satisfy the most demanding palates, with a seasonal menu of products


“El Petit Buffi”

“El Petit Buffi” is the tapas restaurant with a creative an innovator proposal. This space also offers thematic dinners with international cuisine. This restaurant is open every night from Thursday to Sunday.